Cathedral Parish Intercessory Prayer Group

Let Us Pray

Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, or sought thy intercession was left unaided. Inspired with this confidence, we fly unto thee, O Virgin of virgins, our Mother; to thee we come; before thee we stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not our petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer us. Amen.

Join us in praying the following petitions. Lord hear our prayer.

We pray for...

...Josh, who after an electrical accident, has had his hand amputated. Lord Jesus, through Your merciful love and forgiveness, You bring healing and restoration to our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls. May Your healing power and love touch deeply Josh's being as he continues to undergo more extensive surgeries. May the doctors prevent the loss of his elbow and arm, and keep close watch on his mental health meds so Josh does not experience any more manic episodes injuring himself. Jesus I TRUST in YOU!

...help for David as sole caregiver & sole provider to his significant other, Melinda. Please help Melinda, with her unidentified disability & suffering due to limited mobility, migraines, chronic pain, breathing difficulty & inability to tolerate scents. Please help them both with their exhaustion, isolation, hopelessness, and feeling of abandonment by family & by You, God. Show them Your deep love & compassion, and please restore their hope, health & faith in You. Please bless them, according to Your divine will, with Your perfect wisdom & unfathomable mercy.

...each of the people who have gone through the ReachMore Process of Formation and Training to deepen their habits as a disciple, be more equipped to work in their personal apostolate, and potentially lead small groups, that they will discern what is God's will for them for how to invest in relationships and how to share faith with others; that they will be good witnesses to the people in their lives as they serve in their personal apostolate and help lead people to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

...the Holy Spirit to call forth regular ushers at the Sunday 5 pm Mass at Holy Redeemer.

...the Cathedral Parish Social on July 10 to bring together a large number of parishioners to share in love for one another and the Lord.

...the pulmonary artery of my granddaughter, little Bakker, to be perfectly developed and whole when she is born in late June or early July.

...the family of John, Erica and their three young children to help them recover from a case of severe and persistent mold poisoning and restore their physical, emotional and cognitive health as they seek appropriate treatments, most optimal place and home for them to live and to stay faithful to God, loving to each other and finding new work, careers and education path for their children. They have been on a journey throughout the USA for about last two years which put a strain on their marriage, finances and family life.

...Chelsea in her severe trial, that she will experience Your deepest love and draw from Your divine strength to grow in faith and happiness; that she will know the dignity of her soul in ways she never knew before; that those around her will grow in compassion and give Chelsea every possible support.

...the Lord to open our eyes to the prisons that keep us from doing God's will. Prisons of fear, discouragement, unworthiness, lack of confidence, or complacency. Grant us freedom to live out life in the risen Christ by fulfilling the unique mission He has for each one of us.

...the peaceful repose of the soul of Milagros' deceased older sister. We pray that Milagros' husband, Cesar, is healed from his unexplained sharp pain. We pray for safe travels for Milagros & Cesar to/from Mexico.

...Kim to recover from her breast cancer and in the process to find support and love from her family and friends. And we also pray for Kim to find a deeper meaning in her encounter with her difficult health situation and with Christ as the Good Shepard as He tends to His wounded sheep.

...those who attended Easter Mass, yet whose weekly participation has been irregular, that their Easter experience prompts them anew to weekly Mass attendance and daily communication with Christ.

...people to decrease their comparison to others, and increase their comparison to God, as they make decisions about how to behave, and decrease their daily hours of social media use and increase their prayer.

...more Catholics to avail themselves of regular confession, experiencing God’s profound mercy and love in a personal way, and find it a source of spiritual encouragement and renewal.

...the Cathedral parish to fully embrace the Intercessory Prayer Group, infuse it with petitions, and open hearts to join us in prayer through the Holy Spirit.

...Jim Flad, that he will continue to recover from his lymphoma cancer, finally seeing an end to his treatment, and for Jay Jensen, that he will enjoy complete recovery from his knee replacement surgery. That Jim, Jay, and all of us may know a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and the will of God in our suffering.

...those with wounded hearts, feeling shame, and believing there is no place for them in the Catholic church. May God open their hearts, encourage them to seek the Sacrament of Reconciliation, experience the cleansing of their sins, and rejoice in God's forgiveness and love planted in their souls.